INCT-2012, Booklet
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Innovations on Communication Theory
Koc University, 3-5 October, 2012
INCT-2012, Papers
1) Maria Jose Arroja Ballino
Subject: Towards a New Approach to Communication and Information Theory: Communication Sciences as Sciences of the Artificial Faculty of Communication Sciences,
University of A Coruna, A Coruna, Spain

2) Salim Kahvecim, Chen Gong and Xiaodong Wang
Subject: Concatenated Zigzag-coded Modulation for Fiber Optical Channels
Karadeniz Technical University, Columbia University

3) Yasser Fathi, Hazim Tawfik
Subject: Generalization of Energy Detector Performance using \alpha-\mu Fading Model
Cairo University

4) Malek G. M. Hussain
Subject: Orthogonal Signals and Modulation Schemes for Ultrawideband Wireless Communications
Kuwait University

5) Mohamed E. Khedr, Amr El-Helw, M. H. Afifi
Subject: Adaptive Mitigation of Multi-Narrowband Interferences in Impulse Radio UWB Systems Using A Spread Spectrum Sensing Technique
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime

6) Kamal Harb, Butt Omair, Samir Abdul-Jauwad, Abdullah Al-Yami, and AbdulAziz Al-Yami
Subject: A Proposed Method for Dust and Sand Storms Effect on Satellite Communication Networks
KFUPM University

7) Ashagrie Getnet
Subject: Optimizing down Link Capacity of CDMA Network
Ethio Telecom

8) Amr M. Mahros, Iman El-Zahaby, Marwa Tharwat, and S. Elnoubi
Subject: Beamforming Processing for OFDM Communication Systems
Alexandria University, Pharos University

9) Tounsi Abdelkader , Babes Malika
Subject: A Genetic simulated annealing algorithm for solving the Channel Assignment problem
University Badji Mokhtar

10) TAHAR ABBES Mounir
Subject: Impact of Model Mobility in Ad Hoc Routing Protocols
University Hassiba Ben Bouali

11) Mitko Bogdanoski,Tomislav Shuminovski, Aleksandar Risteski
Subject: TCP-SYN Flooding Attack in Wireless Networks
Military Academy "General Mihailo Apostolski", Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies Skopje, R. Macedonia

12) Jen-Yeu Cheng, Yi-Ying Tseng
Subject: Countering Byzantine Attacks in the Networks with Random Linear Network Coding
National Dong Hwa University

13) Nidal F. Shilbayeh, Musbah M. Aqel, Reem Ali Al-Saidi
Subject: A Modified Pseudo-Voter Identity (PVID) Scheme for e-Voting Preparation Stage
University of Tabuk, AlZarqa University, Middle East University

14) Hatem Yousry, Fatma Newagy, Salwa ElRamly, Magdi Ibrahim
Subject: Wireless Microphone Sensing Using Cyclostationary Detector
American University in Cairo, Ain Shams University

15) Imran Touqir, Adil Masood Siddiqui and M Saleem, Yasir Saleem
Subject: Optimal Wavelet Basis for Image Compression
Department of Electrical Engineering, Military College of Signals, National University of Sciences & Technology,Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Engineering and Technology

16) Abdulla Ali Alshehri
Subject: Characteristic Width for Segmentation and Separation of Non-stationary Signals
King Abdulaziz University

17) Kibaek Kim, Dmitriy Khvan, and Jechang Jeong
Subject: Intra filtering based on correlation of prediction directions
Hanyang university

18) Patrik Kamencay, Martin Breznan, Roman Jarina, Martina Zachariasova
Subject: Estimation and Image Segmentation of a Sparse Disparity Map for 3D Reconstruction
University of Zilina

19) Saeed Alighale, Bijan Zakeri
Subject: Investigation of Time and Frequency Domain Weighting Function for Polyphase Pulse Compression Radars
Babol University of Technology

20) Reza GHolami, Bijan Zakeri
Subject: Design and Analysis of a compact Band-Rejected UWB Antenna
BabolNoshirvani University of Technology

21) Abdel Hakeim. M. Husein
Subject: Optimizing the Thulium Doped Fiber Amplifier (TDFA) gain and noise figure for S-band 16x10 Gb/s WDM systems
Islamic University of Gaza

22) Haythem Bany Salameh, Mohammad Al-Rabie, Raed Taleb Al-Zubi
Subject: An Efficient CWDM Demultiplexing Design for Optical Systems: Exploiting Spatial-Beam Shifting
Yarmouk University, University of Jordan

23) Orhan Gazi
Subject: Deriving bounds for complementary error function using a new geometrical approach
Cankaya University

24) Mohamed Saeed Darweesh, Mona Mahmoud El-Ghoneimy, Hanan Ahmed Kamal
Subject: A New Fixed Channel Assignment Algorithm Using Adaptive Mutation Particle Swarm Optimization
Cairo University

25) Saleh Faruque
Subject: Orthogonal MPSK (OMPSK) With Bandwidth Efficiency
University of North Dakota

26) Shams Faruque, William Semke and Saleh Faruque
Subject: A Differential Optical Receiver for Free Space Laser Communications
University of North Dakota